Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Life Uncommon

Gratitude for the lessons of 2014 . . .

Learning the importance of me.  Alone time.  Baths.  Nature.  Running.  Being with people who know joy.  Stillness.  Netflx.  Sleeping in.  Recognizing unhealthy habits and people.

Learning forgiveness.  I understand.  It's okay.  Hugs.  Empathy.  Sometimes, just loving anyway.  Growth.  Moving on.

Intentions for 2015. . .

Live Bravely.  Kindness.  Stating intentions clearly.  An open heart.  Being real.  Loving again.

Live Love.  Not feeling or falling in love.  Being love.  Conquering fear leads to being love, no matter what.

"Fill your life with love and bravery, 
and you shall lead a life uncommon."  --Jewel

Bring it on,

Monday, December 29, 2014

5 Things To Like This Week

The bottle has an eagle on it!!  'Merica!!
1.  Alaskan Winter Ale.  This stuff is tasty!  It is a amber colored ale and it has spruce tips in it, which makes it a deeper, almost sweet/earthy, rich, tasting ale.

"Don't worry about a thing."
Three little birds told me to drink this tea . . .
and then to tell you all about it!
2.  Marley's Mellow Mood tea.  Not feeling like a beer to relax?  You gotta check out this Mellow Mood tea.  It is fantastic!  Here's why it's so "mellow".  It's the herbs, man.  The tea contains lemon balm, hops, Valerian root, chamomile, and passion flower in addition to the added flavor.  This is your basic recipe for any herbal tea on the market that helps you chill out.  I love that it's so convenient to find a good ready-made iced tea.

This is what it looks like now.  Pretty rad, right?
3.  Bridal Falls in Spearfish Canyon.  This is my "thinking spot" in the winter.  Anyway, it is beautiful now that it is frozen and it isn't too far up the canyon.  I love being able to drive a bit and then just park my car in the pull out and chillax.  Plus, I don't have to get out of my car and be a giant wussy about the cold.  I can enjoy a warm drink and just hang out.  Do you have a spot like this?

Do you have some?  DON'T TELL ME!
4.  Peanut Brittle.  Keep me away from this stuff.  I will eat it all.  No, seriously.  I will eat it all.  There will be none for you.

These kids make me so thankful. . . especially the one rolling his eyes.
5.   The Best For Last.  My nephew is 8.  We like to tease each other.  This Christmas I put his gift in a bag with tissue paper.  We all took turns opening gifts on Christmas Eve.  Each time his turn came around, I would say, quite obnoxiously, "Open the present in the bag next!"  In response to my insisting, he would completely ignore me!  So, finally, at the end of opening all his presents he gets to mine and opens it.  The present really wasn't anything too special (just a Minion and a baseball full of gum), but what he said to me was MY favorite present of this entire Christmas:

"Thank you.  I had to save the best for last."  

In fact, that just might be the highlight of my entire year, dude.


Friday, December 12, 2014

5 Things To Like This Week

It's really not so bad.
1.  Decaf coffee.  Sometimes I get stressed out.  Sometimes I get anxiety.  You know what doesn't help me?  Caffeine.  It's funny because I always thought it did!  I thought it helped wake me up or keep my attention sustained and it does, when I am not stressed out.  I still love a good cup of regular coffee, but not when I am in high-stress mode!  Decaf still has a little caffeine in it, so if you are trying to cut it out completely . . . HERBAL TEA is awesome!

One step closer to you . . .
2.  Being out in nature.  I've been writing about running outside lately and loving it.  I've also started taking walks outside too.  I live really close to the creek that runs through our small town and there is a path that runs right alongside it.  I love heading out on a brisk, bright night and just walking a bit in it--with some good tunes, of course.

Abuelita="Grannie"  Ha ha!  I love this!
3.  Mexican hot chocolate.  One of my work study students (he's from Mexico and he is wonderful!) gave me some of this stuff and it is great!  Spicy, warm, and just the right amount of sweet.  It comes in solid form and you pour warm milk over it and it is divine!

Always try fruit when it is offered to you!  Unless you're Snow White or something.
4.  Pears.  I've been finding some really good pears right now!  Isn't that funny?  I thought they were in season in the Fall, but the past few I've had have been fantastic.

And make your bed.  That's key.
5.  32 Unusual Ways to Love Ourselves.  This list is WONDERFUL.  I really need to do #13 more.

Have a wonderful weekend!