Thursday, November 20, 2014

5 Things To Like This Week

1.  The Movie "Timer".  So, ya.  I'm a girl.  I like a good romantic comedy.  This movie is a great one.  It doesn't just give ya those silly little butterflies, it makes you think too.  Anyway, it's about this little electronic gadget that attaches to your wrist.  Once it is activated it starts a timer.  In order for the timer to activate, your "soul mate" must also have a timer.  I liked it.  It was quirky and adorable.  The movie is older (2002) and is has some pretty obscure actors, but it was good.  You can find this gem on Netflix.

2.  Russian Orange Tea.  I'll tell you a sacrilegious secret.  I'll even whisper this . . . pssst.  It's not tea.  Well, it's not really tea, anyway (It's tea powder).  But what it really is, is DELICIOUS!  It's tang!  It's spices!  It's Russian?  I suppose.  Try it out!  The recipe is HERE.

3.  New Belgium Frambozen Beer.  I really like Frambious (Fram-brah-zen) to begin with, but New Belgium has done a great job of mixing it into a nice brown ale.  It tastes like a rich, raspberry beer--but I didn't think it was too sweet or sour--just perfect.  Plus, it has a higher alcohol content at 6.5% which essentially gives you more bang for your buck.  I like that!  Also, I heard that they are not making it next year, so get ya some now if you want to try it!

4.  Banana Bread Oatmeal.  I have been really trying to stay away from pre-packaged oatmeal.  For one thing, it is cheaper to create my own (although a bit more time consuming) and if I make it myself it doesn't have so much sugar.  Aaaanyway, I have been too busy to make my own lately, so I thought I would try these.  I bought the variety pack.  They are all good, but my favorite is the Banana Bread,  It really tastes like banana bread!  Plus, it's not too sweet.

5.  Baked potatoes.  Comfort food!  I've been cooking them in the microwave (poke holes in it, put a little olive oil on it, and stick it in for 5 minutes) and then I load them up with delicious stuff like sour cream (only I use tofitti--which is actually really good), real bacon bits, and sharp cheddar cheese.  I even switch it up and heat up some good, chunky broccoli cheese soup and pour a little over it.  It's easy and quick and ooooh yum!

Until Next Week!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

5 Things to Like This Week

It looks weird, but it is awesome.  Kinda like pugs.
1.  Fresh ginger in H20.  My friend Sarah gave me this awesome idea.  I love fresh ginger!  It is inexpensive and it lasts quite a while.  All you have to do is peel the outer skin off and the inside is spicy and wonderful.  You can add it to tea, plain hot water, or a cold water bottle.  I am always trying to find something to add to my water because I hate drinking it plain. . . even though I know how good it is for me!  It also has many health benefits like boosting immunity, and more HERE.  I just think it tastes good.

I love marshmallows in my hot chocolate.
2.  Hot chocolate and buttershots.  So I got to thinking one day when I was at work, "What do people drink buttershot liquor with?"  And then it dawned on me that buttershots are pretty much the same thing as caramel.  And caramel is fantastic with chocolate.  So, I grabbed a couple shooters and threw them in my fridge for a snow day.  I'm sure I am not the first person to do this . . . but I am glad I did.  It was fantastic!

3.  Earthy Body Hemp Seed Nag Champa Lotion.  If I had a favorite of my five things to like this week, this would be it.  I LOVE THIS STUFF.  It smells like an earth mother incense explosion.  It is fantastic and, trust me, when you wear it, you will get compliments and because it is nag champa, you will feel pretty chill too.  It's made with hemp oil, is non-greasy, and smells great.  I'm in love with this lotion.

It's always fun to get something other than bills in the mail, right?
4.  Sarah's gift.  My best friend Sarah sent me the BEST birthday package filled with goodies for me and the kittens!  There was organic catnip and toys that the girls went nuts for!  Sarah has to eat gluten free products, so she sent me a tasty chocolate chip "Whenever Bar"--so yummy with a cup of coffee.  Bozeman has a tea shop now and she went there and hand picked me a tin of chai tea--which I LOVE!  And to get me my Montana fix, she included a bag of the famous "Bequet Caramels".  These caramels are like crack--Montana crack.  I couldn't have asked for a better gift!  Thank you chica!

Yes.  I'm laughing at my own joke right now.
5.  President's Day.  I got to sleep in, watch movies, and drink spiked hot chocolate.  Damn . . . it feels good to be a librarian (who works for the state and gets the day off).  :-)


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

5 Things To Like This Week

Get your Birchbox on!
1.  Birchbox rocks!  If you haven't checked out Birchbox by now, you really should.  It is such an awesome service.  For $10 a month (you can cancel at any time) you get a box sent to you with samples of quality beauty products.  This was my first month and I was really impressed.  I received an eye cream, a pore mask, an eye shadow pallet with 4 colors, lipstick in the perfect shade, and my favorite product was the de-tangling spray.  It smells like incense!  Anyway, I would highly recommend this service.  Maybe give up two coffee shop lattes a month for the a $10 Birchbox!  Check it out HERE.

"I'll take you there!"  No really.  Click on the image . . . 
2.  Waking up to Etsy sales in my inbox!!  Sorry, but I had to do a little self promotion because I am so excited about Serendipi-tea Chic (Serendipi-tea Blog's online boutique) on Etsy!  I had such a great month in October that I am really excited for the new stuff I found antiquing, online, and that I MADE for the store!  Look for that next week!  I still have the Storenvy Serendipi-tea Chic up which includes new/used clothing, jewelry, and trinkets not found on Etsy.  Maybe skip another coffee and treat yourself to something from my shop?!

What if there was never a women's suffrage movement?
SNL would be boring as hell.
3.  Voting.  As I get older, I do realize how much our government and elected officials impact my day to day life.  I have, however, lost the idealism I had in my mid-to-late twenties when it comes to politicians themselves.  Thankfully, it has not jaded my opinion on how important it is to vote--even in midterm elections.  We are so lucky to live in a country where we can vote, irregardless of the effectiveness of that vote.  Yes.  I just said that.  Vote anyway, kay?

"Carry on, humans.  Just doing a little owl family shopping."
4.  Birthday Owl.  I saw an owl on my birthday!  I think it was a Northern Saw-Whet owl because it had a tiny, little body and face.  A tiny, teacup owl, if you will.  Anyway, it was just really special to be around this illusive creature.  It was interesting too, because he was just sitting on a treebranch in the middle of a shopping center just minding his own business--you know, being my birthday owl.  ;-)

It's not fast food.  It's fast food.  Get it?  Huh.  Huh.
5.  Birthday Resolution.  Like some people are vegetarians and others go gluten free, I am going fast food free.  I am no longer eating that crap.  It makes me feel gross and is not good for me.  I gave up smoking last year (tomorrow will be ONE YEAR TOBACCO FREE!), so this should be a cake-walk.  If I am in a hurry and want something, I'm just going to stop at the grocery store and grab something or even a power bar at a gas station.  But I will still eat Blaze Pizza . . . seriously, have you EVER tried BLAZE PIZZA.  It's aaaamazing (and fast) but no drive-thru or anything like that!