Friday, December 12, 2014

5 Things To Like This Week

It's really not so bad.
1.  Decaf coffee.  Sometimes I get stressed out.  Sometimes I get anxiety.  You know what doesn't help me?  Caffeine.  It's funny because I always thought it did!  I thought it helped wake me up or keep my attention sustained and it does, when I am not stressed out.  I still love a good cup of regular coffee, but not when I am in high-stress mode!  Decaf still has a little caffeine in it, so if you are trying to cut it out completely . . . HERBAL TEA is awesome!

One step closer to you . . .
2.  Being out in nature.  I've been writing about running outside lately and loving it.  I've also started taking walks outside too.  I live really close to the creek that runs through our small town and there is a path that runs right alongside it.  I love heading out on a brisk, bright night and just walking a bit in it--with some good tunes, of course.

Abuelita="Grannie"  Ha ha!  I love this!
3.  Mexican hot chocolate.  One of my work study students (he's from Mexico and he is wonderful!) gave me some of this stuff and it is great!  Spicy, warm, and just the right amount of sweet.  It comes in solid form and you pour warm milk over it and it is divine!

Always try fruit when it is offered to you!  Unless you're Snow White or something.
4.  Pears.  I've been finding some really good pears right now!  Isn't that funny?  I thought they were in season in the Fall, but the past few I've had have been fantastic.

And make your bed.  That's key.
5.  32 Unusual Ways to Love Ourselves.  This list is WONDERFUL.  I really need to do #13 more.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

5 Things To Like This Week

There is a god and she is good.
1.  "Lawless" movie.  Guess what?  I like another movie this week!  It's cold outside, man!  And . . . Oh-my-Tom-Hardy!  *swoon*  This movie is hottie-central.  It has a pretty good plot too, about prohibition and moonshine bootlegging.  At times, the plot moves a little slow, but that's okay because you can just watch the beautiful men be bad ass.  Yes, please.

2.  Getting back to my authentic self.  Not sure where to start, but . . . It's always been there, kinda hiding out.  I haven't felt this confidence, excitement, and looking forward to unearthing the good in me to share with others for a very long time.  I'll be writing more about it soon.  Exciting stuff, right?  You feel me?

I love this picture more and more every time I see it.
3.  My sister.  My whole family was able to be together this Thanksgiving and it was wonderful.  Now that I'm closer, I'm spending a lot more time with my younger sister too.  She is 7 years younger than I am and we went through a period where we didn't like each other and then just tolerated each other.  Now I think we actually "like" each other.  Plus, she and her husband made the cutest kid ever--so that doesn't hurt either.

Look at all this!!  Fun, right?!
4.  Another surprise birthday gift!  My best friend from high school, D, sent me this in the mail for my birthday!  I love her presents because there is always something unique and handmade in them.  This time she sent me the coolest hand-made colored pencil holder.  Plus, tea!, a tea cup, a cool owl dish, a picture of her two beautiful children (for my fridge!), a groovy sketch book, some pretty ribbon, and a beautiful card.  I gotta say:  I have awesome friends.

5.  The Awkward Yeti.  Sometimes, when I need a little grounding, I read these comics.  "Heart and Brain" is my favorite.  It is a comic about life and Science.  {Thanks for showing me this Sarah!}  They always make me nod my head and go, "Ah ha" and giggle.  I like that.


Friday, November 28, 2014

5 Things To Like This Week

I have the pink one.
1.  Running light.  Because the days are shorter now, I've been running a lot at night.  I needed to find a headlamp.  Instead, I found this cool neck lamp.  It's really bright and easy to use.  It's just a rubber cord with a light on the end, but it keeps me from breaking my butt when I am running at night.

oh deer.  hi.
2.  Deer.  I live in a smaller town and I am lucky to be able to walk to work.  Every morning I walk up a wooded hill.  I love seeing deer on my way.  One morning, it was lightly snowing, but really cold, like -15 and I saw 3 deer laying down with the snow falling quietly around them.  It was so peaceful and a nice way to start my day.

Stock up.  It goes away after Christmas.
3.  Ginger Snappish tea by Bigelow.  This is my FAVORITE seasonal tea.  It really tastes like a ginger snap cookie.

How could you resist?  It's literally smiling at you!
4.  Peppermint flavored Vegan Hemp Balm.  I think I'm addicted to chapstick (which I hear is a real thing).  Well, it might not be that bad . . . but I love the stuff.  I ran out of the one I had on my desk at work this week.  I went to the bookstore and found this stuff which is great!  It goes on smooth and smells great.

5.  Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars is . . . blowing my mind!!!  Gotta love some good ol' fashioned funk to show the new kids how it's done!  I can listen to this song and instantly be in a good mood.